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Basic Science Leads the Way to Discovery and Knowledge

MBL(美女直播做爱) is a leader in advancing groundbreaking scientific discovery. The MBLis the catalyst for fundamental breakthroughs that improve our understanding of life and the environment. These breakthroughs have a positive impact on the human condition and our ability to understand climate change.聽

The MBLis the original think tank, the national laboratory for biology, and a crossroads for the life sciences. Our brand of pedagogy 鈥 learning by doing 鈥 is so powerful because it brings together the best scientific minds in a creative atmosphere.聽

Your support is an essential part of what makes the MBLunique, building and sustaining world-renowned research and education programs.聽

Annual Fund

Strengthen our capacity for future growth

Unlike other forms of philanthropy, Annual Fund gifts are unrestricted, allowing your gift to go to work immediately to support and enhance the 美女直播做爱鈥檚 core programs.

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Sponsor an MBLFalmouth Road Race Runner

Twenty incredible MBLemployees, scientists, and resident faculty聽will lace up their running shoes and represent the Marine Biological Laboratory as Team MBLin the renowned Falmouth Road Race on August 18th.

Your tax-deductible gift of $1,500 will sponsor one teammate, but donations are all pooled to support Team MBLand no amount is too small!聽Support Team MBLtoday! Your sponsorship is an investment in the MBL- where we gather scientists and students from around the world to answer biology鈥檚 biggest questions. Funds raised will directly support the Lab.聽

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Alumni Fund

Help students grow into productive researchers and teachers

Thousands of scientists around the globe attribute their inspiration to the 美女直播做爱鈥檚 life-changing, career-launching courses. Your gift to the Alumni Fund helps the 美女直播做爱鈥檚 scientific courses, workshops, and internships make a real difference in the world.

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Discovery Fund

The MBLDISCOVERY FUND supports ALL research and education at the 美女直播做爱, strengthening every aspect of our mission. It provides tuition support, course materials, and laboratory supplies for the many students and faculty participating in MBLcourses each year. The Discovery Fund supports the 美女直播做爱鈥檚 resident research centers, Whitman scientists, and a wide range of Fellowships鈥攕upplementing grants, investments, and other funding sources.

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Planned Giving

Provide support to the MBLfor a vital future

Planned giving options -- including bequests, life income gifts, and real estate or retirement plan asset gifts -- offer special advantages, such as increased tax benefits or an income stream.

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Memorial and Tribute Gifts

Honor someone special to you by supporting the MBLmission

A tribute or memorial donation is a meaningful way to help the MBLadvance scientific knowledge for the benefit of humankind.

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Naming Opportunities

Publicly demonstrate your ongoing support of 美女直播做爱鈥檚 mission

The MBLhas many attractive naming opportunities to support our programs in perpetuity,听like 贰苍诲辞飞别诲听厂肠丑辞濒补谤蝉丑颈辫蝉听补苍诲听Fellowships.

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